Dear Community,

Seven years ago, Within was born from years of collaboration and experimentation in immersive art and storytelling. We’re in an age of rapid technological innovation, and for us, the emergence of virtual reality presented a new opportunity to tell meaningful, personal, and

As virtual reality was coming into its own as a new medium, we dreamed of building a home for creators to share their work with the world. So we pulled together a small team of some of the most imaginative designers, product thinkers, filmmakers, creatives, and developers we had ever met and built the Within app (originally called VRSE). We partnered and collaborated with incredible artists and organizations to create everything from documentaries of human perseverance and courage, to surreal, immersive adventures that felt like waking dreams.

Throughout our time with Within, we distributed many of the world’s best virtual reality stories from creators who hailed from five continents. We launched the app on 10 different virtual reality headset platforms, presented at film festivals, museums, and schools around the world, and had over millions of people use the app throughout our time. Within built a VR audience that was truly global.

Over the years, immersive technology continued to evolve. We began experimenting with multiplayer virtual reality stories that took people into interactive adventures with one another, including “Life of Us,” “Chorus,” and “Lambchild Superstar.” And then we built Wonderscope, our augmented reality reading app for kids.

With all of these new experiments, we saw how we could not only activate people’s minds and souls, but their bodies as well. People would try our interactive VR/AR experiences and come out sweaty and laughing, having so much fun that they lost track of time. We were developing a new form of storytelling, but along the way we realized we had all the right ingredients to create a fun, new, joyful way to exercise.

And so came Supernatural, an experience that uses the power of Meta Quest and virtual reality to take you to breathtaking destinations from around the world, put you face to face with real coaches who root for you, and empowers you to smash and box targets to the beat of your favorite music.

Today, our community of Supernatural Athletes share on a daily basis how the platform has allowed them to feel confident and powerful in their bodies, made them want to connect more with people around them, fueled a surge of motivation in their personal journeys, and filled them full of joy, awe and wonder. Everything we’d originally hoped to achieve in the embodied immersive storytelling of the Within app, somehow started to come true in this new medium of immersive exercise and wellness of Supernatural.

Moving forward, our team is going to focus exclusively on building Supernatural so that we can help more people find joy in movement and live a healthier, more fulfilled life. Our goal is to change as many lives around the world as possible.

Now we look towards the future. As of February, 2023, the Within app will be shutting down, and this wonderful chapter will be coming to a close.

We want to thank each and every creator and team member that helped us on this crazy adventure, and our community that made Within the home of cinematic VR. To continue watching the stories, head to our YouTube VR channel, where many will remain available as a historical archive.

With thanks and gratitude for sharing this journey with us. We hope to see you on the leaderboard.

Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin

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